The Community

The Ipswich School District is located in eastern Edmunds County, South Dakota, and the City of Ipswich serves as the county seat for Edmunds County. The Ipswich School District includes Mina Lake with its opportunities for water sports and lake living. The City of Ipswich, population 943, is a full-service community located at the crossroads of US Highway 12 and South Dakota Highway 45.  The Ipswich area is blessed with rich farmland with farming, ranching, and agribusiness dominating the economics of the area. Great Lakes Ethanol Plant opened in June 2008 with a 100 million gallon per year production goal. Health services include: Sanford Health Clinic, Golden Living Center, health and fitness site, physical therapy, chiropractic and dental offices, pharmacy services, several day care facilities, and the Tiger Post after school care program. There are several churches: Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, UCC and Wesleyan, as well as a Catholic Elementary School. The City of Aberdeen, South Dakota's third largest city just 26 miles east of Ipswich, is home to Northern State University and Presentation College. A wide array of recreational opportunities are available in the Ipswich community including: a community swimming pool, summer baseball and softball leagues, Ipswich Soccer Association programs, active 4H clubs, Trail Days rodeo/bullarama/concert sponsored by the Commercial Club, and summer golf league. In the fall of the year, the area provides many opportunities for hunting pheasant, waterfowl and deer.


The District

The Ipswich School District serves a 541 square mile area with a $266 million tax base. About

360 students are served, including three Hutterite communities, each with an attendance center. Contracted district buses travel approximately 675 miles on regular routes each day and transport 180 of the district's students to the Ipswich attendance center. The State of South

Dakota and the North Central Association accredit the Ipswich School System. Parental involvement is encouraged in many ways such as: Parent/Teacher Organization, co-curricular booster clubs and summer activity booster clubs.


Major strengths of the Ipswich School District include: K-12 NCA accreditation-currently the district is in process of the NCA accreditation cycle; a 12.4 -1 student teacher ratio; a 0% dropout rate at the central attendance center; and a strong staff development program. The district has quality educational facilities including: the original 1920 high school building, 1954 junior high school addition, 1971 elementary classrooms and gymnasium addition, 1977 industrial tech.-wrestling-weight room addition, 2000 K-12 library, preschool, high school science lab, vocal music, and instrumental music addition. In 2007 an upgrade of the track and football complex was completed in 2009 Smart Boards were installed throughout the district.


The school district maintains up-to-date: teaching materials, supplies and technology hardware and software to support the efforts of the dedicated, highly qualified and student-oriented teaching staff. The teaching and support staff are a blend younger people and seasoned professionals who provide quality programs in a safe, attractive and supportive environment.

Additional offerings include: strong programs of art and co-curricular activities including: the full spectrum of boys and girls athletics, drama, instrumental and vocal music.


Board of Education

The Board of Education consists of five members who are elected to serve three (3) year terms. The incumbency of the board members ranges one to fifteen years. The board recognizes the importance of community involvement in the operation of the school. To this end, board policies encourage stakeholders to express their ideas, concerns and in general become active partners in the education of their children.


Carol PondAg Business
Jerome SchaffnerCounty Employee
Justin DavisBoard Chairman Ag Business
Camille GeditzBoard Vice-Chairwoman Education/Retired/Consultant
Heidi SylteOccupational Therapist









Bus: Heidi Sylte & Camille Geditz

Grounds: Carol Pond & Jerome Schaffner

Extra-Curricular: Jerome Schaffner & Justin Davis 

Strategic Planning: Camille Geditz & Carol Pond

Policy Review: Camille Geditz & Heidi Sylte