Middle School Speaks Out About Ipswich School

The best thing I like about Ipswich Public School is the school itself.  Our kind teachers and administators put the school's money into redoing the middle school.  Rooms in the middle school are fantastic.  They also redid the high school.  When I look in, the rooms are amazing.  I can't wait until I am in high school.  The school's food is great, too.  I don't remember the last time I bought my own lunch.  I am very lucky and grateful to go th Ipswich Public School.


When I was in elementary, my favorite part was when we went on field trips.  My favorite trip was when we were fifth graders and went to visit the Capitol in Pierre.  In middle school, the part I like best is art.  It's a time where I can have fun and do what I love, which is drawing.  Playing in band is another thing I look forward to every day.  The songs we get to play are really fun, like the Christmas songs we are practicing.  Our school is lucky to have these classes, which is why I enjoy them.


I like the library at school.  It has big windows and shelves stacked high with books.  There are plays, science fiction, autobiographies, and so many more.  It's big, it's grand, and it's warm.  Books are around every corner.  I could practically live there!  Just imagine how much you could learn!  The library is my favorite thing about school.


There are a lot of things I love about this school, but my favorite is the athletics.  We will have two gyms so that we can play basketball and volleyball.  The school has a football field and a wrestling room.  This school has very good school spitit, also.  It makes me proud to play for Ipswich.  We have very good coaches for sports, also.


My favorite thing about school is the theater.  I like the theater because it is so big, and not many schools in South Dakota have one.  We will get to have lots of plays in it.  It will be so much bigger than when we had to do plays in the little gym.  It will be big and we will get to have more props in it.  I can't wait to be in a play in our new theater!


I like that our teachers encourage us to ask questions when we don't understand.  The teachers try to make us understand what we are doing.  Our school cares about our education.  The teachers care about our grades, what we get on our assignments and try to help us get our grades up. I like the announcements in the morning.  They tell what is happening in the week and what is for lunch.  Also, I like that we get to change classes.


The thing I like most about our school is our great teachers!  Getting through the school day can be very hard, but when you have wonderful teachers like ours, they will brighten up your day!  Our teachers are so friendly and kind, you know you can ask them about anything.  Every day when I walk into a different class, every teacher puts a smile on my face!  All of the teachers here make it easy to learn and understand the topics.  One of my favorite things about school is seeing the teachers!


The thing that I like the best about my school is the great lunches.  The lunch ladies are great at serving many different lunches, so that we do not have the same thing every day.  I love having a large variety of food to choose from and get to pick what I want to eat.  We even get amazing holiday meals and funny names like "spooky chicken".  I enjoy homemade food that is warm when we get it.  My favorite thing about school is the tasty lunches.